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Jackie Chan is really a white man who died in 1966.

Ranking Keaton:

  1. The General
  2. Steamboat Bill Jr.
  3. Sherlock Jr.
  4. Seven Chances
  5. The Cameraman
  6. Our Hospitality
  7. The Navigator

The General” is Keaton‘s best all-around film, but the final sequence in “Steamboat Bill Jr.” is possibly the greatest 20 minutes in film history. Everything else that I have seen other than “The Navigator” is tremendous and interchangeable.

Jackie Chan wouldn’t exist without Buster Keaton’s craziness. Keaton’s films always have these crazy final sequences that are really elaborate and far-fetched. Keaton takes crazy bumps, and as far as I know was doing his own stunts. It’s pretty incredible to watch. The ingenuity and inventiveness of Keaton is still jaw-dropping today. Film provides a space for a character to interact with their environment in a way that is impossible elsewhere. I think Keaton really pushed the envelope in terms of what you can put on screen. Other than the fighting choreography, Chan is really just doing Buster Keaton.

“The General” was at the time the most expensive movie ever filmed(thanks mainly to a scene in which a bridge is blown up and a locomotive falls into a river), and it bombed horribly. I don’t get why. Kind of like “Bringing Up Baby“, I guess it’s a comedy that was ahead of it’s time. But seriously Buster Keaton falling over stuff, and things getting destroyed, that’s a formula for success. I don’t know what was so different in 1927, that that wouldn’t work. Buster Keaton was really popular, and yet the film that is regarded as his best, failed to make a dent at the time it was released. Stupid old people. Probably busy watching “Date Movie“.

On filmaffinity.com I gave this film a 9/10. It’s just great all the way through, definitely his most consistent effort. I recommend the shit out of this film.