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Vertigo is not a color in the rainbow.

2. Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)

So when I was little, like 7 or 8, I would always get vertigo mixed up with indigo when going through the colors of the rainbow. Even now the two are inseparable in my mind but I seldom get the opportunity to use either word so it really hasn’t affected my life too much.

Anyway, as it stands now I have 12 Hitchcock films under my belt(with more on the way thanks to the swank 4 disc collection of his British films I just got a Wal-Mart for 5 bucks. 5 Bucks!), and Vertigo is the only one I haven’t liked. The whole plot is just so contrived and the first hour is a total waste of time. Sure Jimmy Stewart is awesome and Kim Novak is ballin’, but neither one really was enough for me to like the film.

It seems that Hitchcock is trying to channel Otto Preminger’s “Laura” (Gene Tierney rules the world) through Stewart’s obsession Novak and with Novak’s long dead look-a-like relative(a ghost perhaps). Stewart’s character is hire by an old college pal to trail his wife(Novak) because he fears she is crazy. But in reality the husband is a dick who wants Novak out of the picture. Given where the film ends up, the whole obsession/crazy/ghost thing is so convoluted, kind of like the ending to “Anger Management” when everything is revealed as a big set-up to trick Adam Sandler into being assertive. Yes I just compared a Hitchcock film to a Sandler film. Why would someone go to all the trouble of trying to convince a person that some girl was crazy/demon possessed/or a ghost, and then faking her death, and then giving her a secret identity as a means to get away with murder. What about a hitman, or a divorce?

That being said it might be one of those films that upon re-watching I would enjoy more simply because I would know where it was going and I would notice the details and appreciate the twists. Kind of like a “Usual Suspects” vibe.

At least it has a bitchin’ poster.

On filmaffinity.com I rated this film a 7/10(more out of peer pressure than anything else, but I am leaning towards a tentative 6 with an eye towards a second viewing).