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The best Swedish porn. XXX

32. Persona (Ingmar Bergman, 1966)

Ranking Bergman:

  1. Persona
  2. Cries & Whispers
  3. Wild Strawberries
  4. Fanny & Alexander
  5. The Seventh Seal

There’s a lot more Bergman on this list, but his movies kind depress so I generally avoid him. It’s not that he makes bad films, it’s mainly that they always deal with some existential crisis and they have are always blak, with a cold Nordic kind of atmosphere.

I don’t watching movies and feeling depressed by them, but I prefer failed relationships, heartbreak, and sad deaths over existential crises over the futility of wife. And I know that’s what I’ll get with Bergman, so I have to be in the right mood to watch. Give me melodrama anyday.

That’s being said I do like Persona, partly because I like the concept: a famous actress all of the sudden stops speaking and no one can figure out why, and partly because it’s only 80 minutes. Short movies can be boring, but 80 minutes is still only 80 minutes. Despite being so short the film is incredibly dense with ideas and existential ramblings, but the general premise of the film is enough of a hook that the film doesn’t get bogged down. Plus the Liv Ullmann who plays the actress, and Bibi Andersson who plays the nurse who tries to help her are both pretty ballin’. Swedish chicks=pure sex.

On filmaffinity.com I gave the film a 8/10, it might be the only Bergman film I have seen that I would genuinely like to re-watch. Some of his other stuff is good, but requires to much thinking. Thinking is totally for chumps and people whose moms went to college.