My name is Justin, I am a University of Calgary grad with too much time on my hands. For the past 5 months I have been trying to watch the 1000 greatest movies of all-time according to the fabulous list provided by They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?

I am currently up to about 485 or so films watched from the list, and this blog is meant to chronicle retroactively my thoughts on what I have seen, and eventually chronicle what I am currently watching.

I hope you enjoy.

One response to “About

  1. Hey Justin,

    I was brought to the attention of your blog through They Shoot Pictures where they have a link to your attempt to watch the whole 1,000 films.

    I’m actually attempting the same thing, currently posting reviews as I go. I’ve only been blogging since March and I admire your attempt to watch them in chronological order; whereas I’m watching them as I find them.

    Nice to meet a fellow optimist and film lover, I’ll be reading more of your posts in future and good luck with your task.

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