A return to blogging obscurity

So it has a good long time since I’ve posted here…during which I’ve just about finished the TSPDT list (both the 2007 and 2008 incarnations), only 2 Stan Brakhage films stand in my way (The Art of Vision and Scenes From Under Childhood), as well as Louis Feuillade’s Tih Minh from the 2007 list. I initially had aspirations of blogging about all 1000 movies on the list, but a combination of laziness and a general lack of interest in writing about Gone With The Wind stopped me dead in my tracks. Not to slight Rhett or Scarlett, but does the world really need more people writing about Gone With The Wind?? I prefer to think not.

So with that as a thought, I’ve decided to take a different approach to blogging about film, and try and write about films that are forgotten or unknown or underrated. Part of this inspiration comes from the fact that as I worked my way through the list, I kept being exposed to more and more films, actors, directors, movements, national cinemas, genres, and eras, and rather than quelling my appetite for film, it just made me hungry for more. So I started seeking out all sorts of silent films and pre-codes, as well as documentaries and film-noirs. The discovery of the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress has exposed me to the world of home movies and orphan films.

So this is my intention: to write about the films I’m watching, the actors/directors/producers/cameramen/scenarists I’m digging, the lists I’m working on, the genres I’m exploring, and the eras I’m discovering.

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